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Business leaders in the satellite & space industry rely on NSR for strategic insights and knowledge that help shape business decisions.


across every market, region, and part of the value chain


of critical trends early on to get a head start on emerging opportunities


of how to best harness emerging satellite & space technologies


of strategies, partnerships, and investments


on new services, market trends, and opportunities

The NSR DATA Visualization PORTAL

A Universe of Expertise is at Your Fingertips

NSR’s New Data Visualization Portal enables client development of unique data output and graphs, utilizing NSR extensive data library.





The NSR Data Portal puts the NSR data library at your fingertips. Built from 20 years of industry leading data analysis developed from decades of industry knowledge and consulting. NSR’s data library has been key to major industry players staying ahead of the curve.


The NSR Data Portal  gives clients the flexibility to focus in on specific areas of interest and cross sections of their choosing – all using time tested NSR data that has been a cornerstone of industry decision making for over 20 years.



The NSR Portal


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