Forrester Reports: Satellite-Driven Broadband to Drive $159 Billion Over the Next Ten Years

Journalist Chris Forrester has posted at the Advanced Television info site that the cumulative value of satellite-delivered broadband will be worth some $159 billion over the next 10 years, according to a report from Northern Sky Research (NSR) — video traffic will drive much of the growth. Over the next decade, NSR says that satellite broadband and its related VSAT.

NSR Report: Satellite Broadband & Enterprise VSAT to Generate $159 Billion in Next Decade

Stimulating Demand in Consumer Broadband and Backhaul is Critical for Growth Cambridge, MA – NSR’s VSAT and Broadband Satellite Markets 17th Edition report, released today, forecasts cumulative revenues of $159 billion in the next decade, with 13.4% annual growth in the installed base of consumer sites alone.  Enterprise VSAT is also a solid contributor with.

Earth Observation: Not Just Imagery

What’s next for satellite-based Earth Observation? Driven by technology and competition, the business has grown quickly in recent years. From imagery to insights, from single satellites to constellations, players along the value chain have pushed hard to offer unique services, and the market has diversified and expanded. In an industry dominated by optical and radar.