SpaceNews: Connecting the Dots | Crowded orbits pose new security threats

“Security is a prime component for both ground segment and satellites at the moment,” pointing to the satellites in development that are leveraging quantum computing to protect communications networks. “In the current state of the market, players are aiming to prove technology via the traditional means of building an ecosystem with key players and user.

Why LEO’s Target Fixed and Mobility Markets Simultaneously

Authors: Christopher Baugh | Carlos Placido (independent adviser) Satcom constellations beaming tens of Tbps are impacting the space sector and the broader telecom industry. Yet, when running demand-supply simulations on fixed-broadband and mobility datasets using NSR’s Non-GEO Constellations Analysis Toolkit 2.0 (NCAT2), it becomes clear that, while the amount of IP bandwidth produced is enormous,.

Satnews: NSR Releases Their Non-GEO Constellations Analysis Toolkit 2.0

Version 2.0 of NSR’s popular NGSO toolbox puts that capability at clients fingertips. With pre-loaded datasets, configurable filters, inputs and visualizations, Non-GEO Constellations Analysis Toolkit 2.0 (NCAT2) is a standalone NSR product that may also be leveraged in combination with market data and insight from relevant NSR research studies.

IoT Under Construction

With countries learning to adapt to COVID-19, the construction industry is rebounding after a relative lull in the level of construction, not to mention supply chain issues halting other construction sites. With construction ramping up, heavy equipment manufacturers are no longer just interested in revenues from only hardware and are expanding into connectivity as a service and analytics platforms. While.