Via Satellite: Celebrating Women in Satellite

Kristen Kloster-Grady, Vice President of Marketing of NSR Kristen is instrumental in leading all marketing activities at NSR and building NSR’s brand and presence worldwide. From the time of her joining to now, Kristen has implemented multi-faceted marketing plans across all platforms and increased our audience and reach each month. She is a true leader.

The Big Impact of Big Data

Satellite big data services are undoubtedly a growing market. A digital transformation across customer verticals has translated into new business opportunities for satellite operators and service providers, driving adoption of cloud computing at different layers of the satellite big data supply chain. Additionally, a market for analytic solutions that simplifies raw geospatial data to consumable.

Parabolic Arc: NSR’s In-Orbit Services Report Projects $14.3 Billion in Revenues as Non-Geo Constellations Grow Demand

In its 5th year, NSR’s first to market In-Orbit Services: Satellite Servicing, ADR, and SSA, 5th Edition (IoSM5) forecasts $14.3 Billion in IoSM revenue, driven by Life Extension, generating $4.7 Billion through 2031. As the race to launch Non-GEO Satellite Constellation grows, thousands of satellites are set to launch through the coming decade growing demand for IoS.

Space News: OQ Technology’s “wake-up” patent draws yawn from IoT smallsat rival

However, other small satellite IoT companies are developing constellations promising similar capabilities, noted Northern Sky Research [Consultant] Alan Crisp, which he said “should lead to 10-year battery life too, i.e., only send data when there’s a satellite overhead to save power.” One of these is Sateliot of Spain, which says the ability for its upcoming.

Are Terminals Included for MILSATCOM Systems?

Every year NSR writes about an ‘upcoming wave’ of sovereign SATCOM capabilities – WGS-11+, Skynet-6EC, etc. and today is no different. In the past few months, the UK announced $2B in ‘new funding for military space programs’, the European Commission announced “€6 billion program” with a component focused on secure connectivity, and Australia recently opened.