Al Jazeera: Will the Ukraine war ground the space industry?

Russia regularly sends both humans and satellites up on their Soyuz rockets. “Their expertise in human spaceflight is especially strong,” says Claude Rousseau, research director at Northern Sky Research, a space consultancy firm. Ukraine’s position is less important, yet the country has a sizable space industry. Elon Musk even declared that the Ukraine-designed Zenit rocket.

High Demand for High Bandwidth Laser Communication

The market for optical satellite communications has shaped up in recent years, led by the rise in New Space satellite network operators requiring high bandwidth intersatellite links and remote sensing solutions that demand greater downlink capabilities. Still in its early stages, this market continues to be largely equipment-centric. However, multiple players have moved on from.

Connectivity Business: On-orbit storage opens market for cloud-based collision detection systems

U.S.-based today announced a new 8 terabyte (TB) modular storage solution, NuStream, that is protected by a virtual radiation shield and controlled by the company’s in-house designed RC64 processor. While the current space storage market is for Earth observation and satellite communications, CEO Avi Shabtai told Connectivity Business News that on-orbit storage will.