Is Satcom Pricing Reshaping the Telco Industry Landscape?

Telecommunication (Telco) companies have traditionally focused on expanding terrestrial infrastructure such as fiber and cellular networks to address the growing demand for connectivity across regions. The trend is changing rapidly as Telco players are increasingly integrating Satellite Communication (Satcom) solutions in their networks to extend coverage and diversify services. The key driver for this shift.

The Bright Future of Optical Satcom

In the race to meet the soaring demand for high-volume, high-speed data transmission, satellite operators and connectivity service providers are on an uphill battle. Traditional radio frequency (RF) communications are starting to fall short, hindered by limited data downlink capacity and susceptibility to cyber threats. Enter optical satellite communications (OSCs), a compelling solution that bridges.

NSR’s Satellite Manufacturing and Launch Report Projects $598 Billion Market

Non-GEO constellations, Crewed and Lunar Missions Are Biggest Drivers Cambridge, MA; London, UK – June 21, 2023 – NSR’s Satellite Manufacturing & Launch Markets, 13th Edition (SMLM13)  report forecasts over 32,500 missions to be ordered and to launch over the next decade, generating $598 billion in revenues between 2022-2032. Revenues are expected to be propelled.

NSR’s Satellite Capacity Report Sees LEOs Massively Disrupting the Industry

Satcom Opportunity Generates $257B over 2022-32 with Satellite-Telco Integration Key to Growth with increasingly Commoditized Capacity Cambridge, MA; London, UK – June 13, 2023 – NSR’s Satellite Capacity Supply & Demand, 20th Edition (SCSD20) observe the rapid rise in LEO satellites have forever altered the satellite capacity market, shifting it from high priced wholesale centric.