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Starlink Feasibility

Starlink Feasibility: Business Model and ROI Analysis

PUBLISHED: April 2023

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Our latest report, NSR’s Starlink Feasibility: Business Model and ROI Analysis examines the health of Starlink’s business and assesses the sustainability of its business model.

Starlink’s rapid pace of satellite launches, and broadband subscriber acquisition has caused disruption in the Satellite Communications industry. As a result, it’s essential for industry stakeholders to understand the factors that affect Starlink’s value proposition and assess the sustainability of its business model.

Leveraging NSR’s extensive expertise across various Satcom applications, including manufacturing and launch, as well as ground segment operations, our report scrutinizes Starlink’s current and future priorities. We have forecasted multiple cost and revenue scenarios to provide a comprehensive analysis of Starlink’s business model and its potential for success in the future.

Starlink Feasibility: Business Model and ROI Analysis delves deep into the factors that affect Starlink’s value proposition, including the impact of its low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation on the industry and the end-users. Our analysis examines the potential market share that Starlink could capture and the growth potential of its broadband subscriber base.

Our report also provides insights into the factors that contribute to Starlink’s business model’s sustainability, including cost management strategies, revenue generation opportunities, and its ability to withstand potential industry headwinds.

At NSR, we are committed to providing accurate and comprehensive market analysis to enable our clients to make informed decisions. Our report on Starlink’s feasibility provides stakeholders in the Satellite Communications industry with the information they need to assess the sustainability of Starlink’s business model and plan for the future.

Key questions are answered in this report?
  • What is the total cost to build the Starlink constellation for different Constellation Sizes?
  • What will be the total revenue capture by Starlink, under different market scenarios?
  • How will Starlink progress across different target markets in the coming years?
  • Will the Starlink business model be sustainable and profitable?
Who Should Purchase this Report:

Starlink is a major player impacting the overall connectivity market. Industry stakeholders should read the report to understand Starlink’s future plan, revenue and sustainability for different cases or scenarios. Below are the key takeaways for different players in the value chain:

  • Investors – to understand the revenue opportunities, Costs, Profits, IRR, Cash Flow, etc.
  • Service Providers & Equipment Manufacturers – whether the Starlink business model is sustainable or not? Also, to understand the competitive impact.
  • Satellite Operators & Space Agencies – Starlink future launch and revenue projections, costs to build the constellation.
  • Telcos and MNOs – to assess market targets, revenue potential and opportunities & threats posed by Starlink.
The NSR Difference

NSR is renowned for its ability to anticipate market dynamics and stay ahead of the curve in the satellite industry. In the midst of a profound transformation, NSR is a valued partner in helping shape the vision of both Non-GEO and GEO markets in the Satellite Communication ecosystem. This valuable report provides an unbiased analysis of Starlink’s value propositions and associated costs. Understanding Starlink is crucial for any company looking to position itself effectively within the Satcom ecosystem.

NSR’s Starlink Feasibility: Business Model and ROI Analysis offers an unbiased assessment of Starlink’s business case and profitability, considering various scenario-based costs and revenues. The report estimates and analyzes key variables, such as Segmented Fixed Costs, Segmented Variable Costs, Service Revenues by Application, Equipment Revenues by Application, Profits/Losses, Cash Flow, IRR, and RoI.

Covered in this Report:
  • NEW in this Edition – Industry’s first Scenario-based evaluation of Starlink Business Case.
  • Scenario based Fixed and Variable Cost estimations.
  • Starlink’s Service and Equipment revenues by Applications
  • RoI, IRR and Profit / Loss estimations by scenarios.
Report Segmentation:


Companies mentioned in this Report:

Starlink, SpaceX, Viasat, OneWeb, Hughes, Kuiper, Telesat, SES

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Table of Contents


Scenario Definitions & Methodology

Executive Summary

  1. Will Starlink be Profitable?
    1. Scenario 1 – Profit/Loss, Break-Even, Cash Flow and IRR
    2. Scenario 2 – Profit/Loss, Break-Even, Cash Flow and IRR
    3. Scenario 3 – Profit/Loss, Break-Even, Cash Flow and IRR
  2. Starlink Cost Assessment
    1. Scenario 1 – Launch Forecast and Constellation Size
    2. Scenario 1 – Fixed and Variable Costs
    3. Scenario 2 – Launch Forecast and Constellation Size
    4. Scenario 2 – Fixed and Variable Costs
    5. Scenario 3 – Launch Forecast and Constellation Size
    6. Scenario 3 – Fixed and Variable Costs​​
  3. Starlink Revenue Projections
    1. Scenario 1 – Service & Equipment Revenues
    2. Scenario 2 – Service & Equipment Revenues
    3. Scenario 3 – Service & Equipment Revenues​​
  4. Bottom Line

 List of  Exhibits​

  1. RoI by Scenario
  2. Annual Cost by Scenario
  3. Annual Revenue by Scenario
  4. Annual Profit / Loss by Scenario
  5. Scenario 1: Cost Versus Revenue
  6. Scenario 1: Cash Flow & IRR
  7. Scenario 1: RoI (%)
  8. Scenario 2: Cost Versus Revenue
  9. Scenario 2: Cash Flow & IRR
  10. Scenario 2: RoI (%)
  11. Scenario 3: Cost Versus Revenue
  12. Scenario 3: Cash Flow & IRR
  13. Scenario 3: RoI (%)
  14. Scenario 1: Launch Forecast and Constellation Size
  15. Scenario 1: Fixed Cost (Includes Manufacturing & Launch)
  16. Scenario 1: Variable Cost (Includes CPE Cost)
  17. Scenario 1: Total Cost
  18. Scenario 2: Launch Forecast and Constellation Size
  19. Scenario 2: Fixed Cost (Includes Manufacturing & Launch)
  20. Scenario 2: Variable Cost (Includes CPE Cost)
  21. Scenario 2: Total Cost
  22. Scenario 3: Launch Forecast and Constellation Size
  23. Scenario 3: Fixed Cost (Includes Manufacturing & Launch)
  24. Scenario 3: Variable Cost (Includes CPE Cost)
  25. Scenario 3: Total Cost
  26. Scenario 1: Service Revenues by Application
  27. Scenario 1: Equipment Revenues by Application
  28. Scenario 1: Total Revenues
  29. Scenario 2: Service Revenues by Application
  30. Scenario 2: Equipment Revenues by Application
  31. Scenario 2: Total Revenues
  32. Scenario 3: Service Revenues by Application
  33. Scenario 3: Equipment Revenues by Application
  34. Scenario 3: Total Revenues
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