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Starlink Service Strategy

Starlink Maritime Service: ​Strategies for Service Providers

PUBLISHED: April 2023

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Starlink is THE conversation happening across the maritime industry. End-users are looking to understand the opportunities the service can unlock within their organization. Service providers are wondering if Starlink is a the threat or opportunity. Everyone is looking to understand if Starlink is friend or foe. 

This strategy report focuses on how maritime service providers can survive and thrive with Starlink. Since its launch in Q3-2022 to Q1-23, NSR is tracking a 184% increase in the number of vessels under trial by public announcements. Should all these trials convert into production networks, then Starlink is on track for one of the fastest adoption rates ever seen in the maritime SATCOM market. 

In short – Maritime Service Providers cannot afford to not have a Starlink Strategy. Ignoring the enthusiasm and momentum is no longer viable. Instead, they must chart a path which manages internal revenue streams alongside customer expectations. Bottom line, the metrics of success for Maritime Service Providers are on the cusp of an evolution. 

Key questions are answered in this report? 

  • How many vessels are under trial by Starlink today, and estimated by 2023. 
  • How should Maritime Service Providers respond to Starlink? 
  • Where can the value-chain look for the next phase of revenues? 

Who Should Purchase this Report: 

  • Satellite Operators looking to understand a key competitor 
  • Service Providers considering their LEO strategies 


Covered in this Report: 

  • NEW short-form report style gets right to the point. 
  • Starlink trial announcements and currently announced service provider partners 
  • An analysis of the threat that Starlink represents for maritime SATCOM service providers
  • Information regarding the current adoption of Starlink’s services within the maritime industry and maritime connectivity providers
  • A discussion regarding the potential for further adoption of Starlink by End-users

“SATCOM service providers should not compete with Starlink but try to implement it within their service portfolio; they should step away from providing solely connectivity and focus on other revenue generating services such as support or value-added applications.”

The release of Starlink’s maritime services inevitably disturbs the maritime connectivity market. Many SATCOM service providers are unclear as to if and how they should compete with Starlink within the maritime industry.

Table of Contents
  1. Executive Summary
  2. Analysis and Recommendations
  3. Appendix
  4. About the authors and NSR an Analysys Mason Company
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