NSR in the News

January 24, 2020

Room: Satellite-based IoT – the race is on

Forecasts like those from Northern Sky Research (NSR) predict 30 billion IoT devices in total will be online by the middle of the next decade… NSR also estimates that the satcom IoT pie will have grown to US$5 billion by 2025.

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January 22, 2020

ViaSatellite: VHTS: Soaring to Unprecedented Heights

We’re seeing two primary strategies starting to unfold, notes Lluc Palerm Serra, an analyst for NSR. “Two approaches are applied to HTS procurements today,” says Serra. “There are satellite operators following very high throughput path — like Viasat or Hughes — [that] want to minimize that cost per gigabit per second via large scale satellites…

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SatMagazine: Understanding the Satellite IoT Opportunity

Northern Sky Research (NSR) points out that while the majority of connected IoT devices will connect via terrestrial means, there remains a niche for low cost satcom services to deliver uninterrupted connectivity for devices operating outside of terrestrial network footprints and move in and out of terrestrial networks.

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