NSR Press Releases

September 22, 2020

NSR Report: $68B Opportunity for Top 5 Non-GEO HTS Constellation Players

Report Finds Each Constellation Closes its Business Case under Specific Conditions Cambridge, MA – NSR’s HTS Satellite Constellations, A Critical Assessment, 3rd Edition report finds a $68 Billion Revenue Potential for HTS Satellite Constellations over the next decade, with varying levels of business case viability.  Opportunity exists for SpaceX, OneWeb, mPower, Amazon, and Telesat to.

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July 7, 2020

NSR Report: HAPs Market to Generate $4 Billion by 2029

High Altitude Balloons Are Primary Revenue Driver, with Telcos Taking Greater Interest in HAPs  Cambridge, MA – NSR’s High Altitude Platforms, 4th Edition report, published today, forecasts approx. $4B in cumulative HAPs revenues over the next decade, for airships, balloons, and pseudo-satellite platforms. High altitude balloons are expected to be the primary driver of units and revenues, followed far behind by pseudo-satellites and airships.  Telcos are.

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