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January 31, 2023

On Demand: LEO Terminals – Pointing the Way Forward

ON DEMAND: If you missed NSR Research Director, Brad Grady in the GVF webinar LEO Terminals – Pointing the Way Forward – you can now watch it on demand. The dialogue began with a definition of a ‘LEO terminal’, including an exploration of the degree of integration of LEO terminal components and the more software-centric.

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February 15, 2023 - February 15, 2023

ON DEMAND – The Satellite Capacity (R)evolution

Satellite operators are at a crossroads due to a rapid revolution in satellite capacity provisioning worldwide. The satellite capacity industry was originally dominated by recurring, high-margin video applications, but its focus has now shifted to high-growth, data-centric services. A range of fixed and mobile data applications now dominate the growth story via numerous capacity types, orbits and ultimately, business.

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