Carlos Placido

Consultant Buenos Aires, Argentina Mr. Placido is an independent consultant with over twenty years of international experience in telecommunications and entertainment. Beginning his consulting work with NSR in 2007, Mr. Placido focuses on emerging technologies and satellite markets, and serves as a regional and IP applications expert on satellite communications and regularly provides his analysis.

Kristen Kloster-Grady

VP, Marketing Washington, DC Mrs. Grady is a seasoned marketing professional who joined NSR in 2011. During her tenure, she built the NSR marketing team from scratch and played a critical role in supporting the company’s growth and development until its acquisition by Analysys Mason last year. As head of marketing, Mrs. Grady was responsible.

Brad Grady

Research Director Washington, DC Mr. Grady has been involved in the Satellite Communications industry since 2005, beginning his Consulting work with NSR in 2010. Mr. Grady focuses on Mobility Markets, leading NSR research focused on Aeronautical and Land-Mobile opportunities, and authors NSR’s Maritime SATCOM Markets, Energy SATCOM Markets, and Government and Military Satellite Communications. He.

Ken Marini

VP, Finance Cambridge, MA  Mr. Marini began consulting with NSR in 2000 providing sales and marketing services, accounting and general back office support. Mr. Marini had performed similar roles for PointEast Research, providing strategic consulting and market intelligence to a broad mix of startups, venture capitalists and major suppliers in the communications/IT industry; and Pioneer.

Christopher Baugh

Partner Cambridge, MA  Mr. Baugh serves as the CEO and Founder of Northern Sky Research (NSR), which he created in 2000 to provide independent, actionable market research and consulting services to the satellite industry.  Mr. Baugh directs all NSR multi-client research reports and single-client consulting projects, and manages a global team of analysts that stand.