Mr Web: Analysys Mason Buys Northern Sky Research

UK-based management consultancy Analysys Mason has acquired US specialist satellite and space market research and consulting services provider Northern Sky Research (NSR) for an undisclosed sum. Founded in 2000, NSR analyzes growth opportunities across four core industry sectors: satellite communications, satellite and space applications, financial analysis, and satellite and space infrastructure. According to Analysys Mason,.

Consultancy: Analysys Mason acquires space specialist Northern Sky Research

Analysys Mason has acquired Northern Sky Research, a Cambridge based research and consulting firm specialised in the space sector. The deal deepens Analysys Mason’s capabilities in the satellite communications and space sector, at a time when the segment is rapidly converging with the worlds of telecoms and technology – two of Analysys Mason’s key areas.

Northern Sky Research (NSR) to become part of Analysys Mason

Analysys Mason, a world-leading management consultancy focused on telecoms, media and technology (TMT), today announced the acquisition of Northern Sky Research (NSR), a specialist satellite and space research and consulting firm.  Founded in 2000, NSR is a prominent global provider of satellite and space market research and consulting services specialising in the analysis of growth.