Connectivity Business: Satellite manufacturing and launch worth $633B through 2031

Satellite manufacturers and launch companies are preparing for a busy decade with new constellations, crewed space missions and rising demand for space-based data about what’s happening on Earth. “There’s growing and strong interest in government and military situational awareness,” Dallas Kasaboski, Northern Sky Research (NSR) principal analyst, told Connectivity Business News…

Connectivity Business: Satellite industry prepares for next hardware hack

Satellite industry equipment makers are building out their rosters of cybersecurity products as attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Cyberattacks that completely damage hardware so that it cannot be repaired remotely ae especially problematic, Alvaro Sanchez, chief executive at spectrum signal analysis software provider Integrasys, said last week during the webinar “Adjusting to the New Space.

Connectivity Business: Analysys Mason’s acquisition of NSR shows power of space-terrestrial trend

Technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) research firm Analysys Mason announced last week that it has acquired satellite industry research specialist Northern Sky Research (NSR). Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The move comes as NSR is predicting that the integration of satellite connectivity into terrestrial telecommunications networks will be the biggest opportunity in the.

Rivada issues RFPs for constellation designed for disruptive pricing

Rivada Space Networks is building a constellation of 600 low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites to be launched in 2024-2028 that can serve high-bandwidth connections and multiple laser links. The Germany-based company is currently seeking requests for proposals (RFPs) after completing requests for information (RFIs) and has not yet decided whether to work with one partner.

Connectivity Business: Viasat modem breach highlights nation-state threat

A targeted denial-of-service attack on Viasat (NASDAQ: VSAT) exploited a misconfigured virtual private network (VPN) appliance, allowing the attacker to render modems across Europe useless. Viasat issued the results of its investigation into the attack on its KA-SAT network last week in a blog post. The attack, which began on Feb. 24 at 6 a.m..