Business World: SES satellites with ‘fiber-like speeds’ will be in PHL next year

SES S.A., a Luxembourg-based satellite communications services provider, said on Wednesday that it will bring more advanced satellite technology to the Philippines next year to aid the country’s digitalization efforts. In Southeast Asia, the Philippines has the second-highest number of internet users at 79 million next to Indonesia’s 171.2 million, Jose del Rosario, research director.

Rest of World: Just 2% of Starlink users live outside of the West, data suggests

Gaining regulatory approval to access new markets is Starlink ’s biggest global challenge, said Jose Del Rosario, a Manila-based consultant at satellite industry firm Northern Sky Research. But mobile roaming will greatly increase its commercial appeal. “A few thousand aircrafts and hundreds of cruise ships can close the business case,” said Del Rosario

Connectivity Business: Tesla, antenna manufacturers prepare for consumer satcom boom

Although consumer connectivity has historically driven a minority of the demand in the global ground segment, that could change as large broadband constellations begin to come online. Consumers may have access to Starlink connectivity from Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) Supercharger charging stations, according to reports. Tesla is installing Starlink dishes at the locations where electric vehicles charge.