Satellite Evolution Group: NSR report sees satellite capacity pricing stabilizing, yet increasingly complex negotiations

NSR’s Satellite Capacity Pricing Index, 8th Edition finds Satellite Operators sitting at a crossroads of multiple macro-economic headwinds, external competitive pressures, and supply chain challenges, driving need for innovative strategies. As pricing stabilizes in Q2 2022, technology efficiencies, supply-demand gap and macro-economic factors trigger increasingly complex pricing negotiations.

Satellite Evolution Group: NSR: Land mobile satellite market moving to broadband and $1.2 billion revenue potential

In its 10th year, NSR’s landmark Land Mobile via Satellite (LMvS10) report finds a significant revenue migration underway from narrowband to broadband applications. Though currently dominated by narrowband services, connected vehicles and High Throughput Satellite (HTS) Comms on the Pause (COTP) services are positioned as the fastest growing satellite land mobile sector markets through the decade. In the.

Satellite Evolution Group: NSR’s newest report finds satellite ground segment growth of US$147 billion total revenues by 2030

NSR’s newly released Global Satellite Ground Segment, 6th Edition report, finds strong post COVID-19 return to growth for the ground segment, illuminating a massive increase in upcoming satellite capacity supply. With a double-digit growth forecast, cumulative industry revenues reach US$147 billion through decade. “The huge amount of coming satellite capacity supply is a significant opportunity.

Satellite Evolution: HTS growth pushes VSAT and broadband satellite market to require 15Tbps of capacity by 2030

NSR’s newly released ‘VSAT and Broadband Satellite Market, 20th Edition (VBSM20)‘ finds HTS, a major market growth factor, moving the segment from 800Gbps in 2020 demand to 15Tbps in 2030. The market will hit cumulative revenues of US$135.3 billion over the next decade, with a significant demand in evolving Consumer Broadband and Social Inclusion segment.