ON Demand: Satellite Direct-to-Device: Decoding the Largest Opportunity for Satcom

ON DEMAND If you missed NSR Research Director, Jose Del Rosario in the APSCC webinar Satellite Direct-to-Device: Decoding the Largest Opportunity for Satcom – you can now watch it on demand. Amidst a flurry of announcements led by some the globe’s most influential companies including Apple and SpaceX/Starlink, the Satellite Direct-to-device market has been touted.

ON DEMAND – The Satellite Capacity (R)evolution

Satellite operators are at a crossroads due to a rapid revolution in satellite capacity provisioning worldwide. The satellite capacity industry was originally dominated by recurring, high-margin video applications, but its focus has now shifted to high-growth, data-centric services. A range of fixed and mobile data applications now dominate the growth story via numerous capacity types, orbits and ultimately, business.

NSR’s Top 10 Predictions for 2023

As the space industry embarks on perhaps its most transformational year yet, we at NSR thought it would be a great time to make bold predictions on the year ahead. The predictions provided herein range across the satellite & space market, but one trend is clear: never before has such change been thrust upon the.

Unlocking Satellite Connectivity in Asia

The Satellite Communications market is at a critical stage with the change in dynamics across the value chain. Major changes driving the markets include massive capacity supply, horizontal and vertical industry consolidations, increased need of connectivity post COVID-19 and relative reduction in regulatory barriers. With the evolving industry dynamics, stakeholders are looking for new opportunities.