Forrester Reports: Satellite-Driven Broadband to Drive $159 Billion Over the Next Ten Years

Journalist Chris Forrester has posted at the Advanced Television info site that the cumulative value of satellite-delivered broadband will be worth some $159 billion over the next 10 years, according to a report from Northern Sky Research (NSR) — video traffic will drive much of the growth. Over the next decade, NSR says that satellite broadband and its related VSAT.

The Forrester Report: OneWeb’s “Valley of Death”

NSR quoted in SatMagazine’s The Forrester Report: There are some anxieties over the state of play at the proposed mega-constellation OneWeb and their fleet of LEO satellites. Northern Sky Research (NSR) in a report headline asked, “Can OneWeb cross the Valley of Death?” That’s blunt, but OneWeb has given plenty of reasons not to be cheerful this past.