Bridging the Digital Divide – Satcom Positioning and Opportunity

Wave-after-Wave in this ongoing pandemic, the one element that has been greatly highlighted, is the need for robust Internet connectivity and bridging the digital divide across the globe. Remote learning, working, healthcare, conducting businesses and other key socio-economic activities have become universal and hence have exposed the still wide digital divide across regions and communities..

Advanced Television: Forecast: Satellite broadband demand to boom

Northern Sky Research (NSR) forecasts that there’s going to be a huge increase in satellite-based broadband demand over the next few years. NSR’s VSAT and Broadband Satellite Market, 20th Edition finds High Throughput Satellites (HTS), themselves a major market growth factor, moving the segment from 800 Gb/s in 2020 demand to 15 Tb/s in 2030, and values.

Satellite Evolution: HTS growth pushes VSAT and broadband satellite market to require 15Tbps of capacity by 2030

NSR’s newly released ‘VSAT and Broadband Satellite Market, 20th Edition (VBSM20)‘ finds HTS, a major market growth factor, moving the segment from 800Gbps in 2020 demand to 15Tbps in 2030. The market will hit cumulative revenues of US$135.3 billion over the next decade, with a significant demand in evolving Consumer Broadband and Social Inclusion segment.