Satellite Mobility Markets: The Crowd Favorites

As the satellite industry shifts focus from the cash-cow of video to a data-centric world, it appears the market has found mobility applications shining bright with stunning growth prospects. But which mobility markets deserve the most attention? It’s fair to say that in-flight connectivity is ‘getting all the love’, but do maritime markets offer a.

NSR Report Projects $7 Billion in Smallsat Manufacturing & Launching Revenue over Next Decade

Low Barriers to Entry Engaging New Players and Enabling Novel Space-based Applications   Cambridge, MA – October 24, 2016 – NSR’s Small Satellite Markets, 3rd Edition (SSM3) report, released today, found the market for 1-100 kg satellites will more than double to reach 375 satellites launched per year, with cumulative manufacturing and launch revenues approaching.

NSR Report Provides Industry’s Only Satellite Capacity Pricing Benchmark

Latest Q4 2016 Index Finds Enterprise Data Prices Fell ~10% in 2016, while Broadcast and Mobility Show Mixed Results   Cambridge, MA – October 20, 2016 – NSR’s Satellite Capacity Pricing Index, 2nd Edition (Q4 2016), released today, finds satellite capacity pricing in a prolonged free-fall for most applications as more supply comes online and.

Smallsat Launchers: Missing Business Fundamentals

Redirected to subject matter Research Director – original author no longer with NSR   “Space is hard,” is a common refrain from the aerospace industry after negative news, as if to differentiate aerospace business from any other business. But this false separation ignores the fundamentals that encourage success in any industry: a solid business plan,.