Turning Big Data via Satellite into Big Dollars

In today’s world, businesses are built on how quickly they can turn data into their next competitive advantage.  From leveraging space-based Earth Observation data to predicting retail sales to predictive engine analytics from embedded sensor data to combining advanced imaging and position location data to reduce fertilizer usage in precision agriculture – there is no.

Maritime Satellite Connectivity Moves to High Gear via HTS Adoption

NSR Report Finds Broadband Connected Vessel Growth Key to $1 Billion Annual Market by 2026   Cambridge, MA – July 19, 2017 –  NSR’s Maritime Satcom Markets, 5th Edition finds that satellite leasing revenues for the maritime VSAT mobility market are projected to exceed $1 Billion by 2026.  With over $400M in leasing revenues in.

Satellite Capacity Pricing Volatility Continues as Operators Vie for High-Volume Verticals

New NSR Report Shows an Increase in Capacity Pricing Complexity, with Widening Range in Pricing Environment   Cambridge, MA – July 10, 2017 –  NSR’s Satellite Capacity Pricing Index (Q3 2017), 3rd Edition (SCPI3), releasing tomorrow, finds that in an era of shorter contract lengths, consolidating end users, technology change, and generally lower pricing; factors.

Drilling for Arctic Opportunities

Some of the world’s largest untapped ore, oil, and gas deposits lie underneath the Arctic, with this for years having been touted as a potential opportunity for international and national oil companies, and mining companies alike. Despite myriad challenges to access these resources, this nonetheless represents a potentially large long-term demand source for communications infrastructure..