Flat Panel Satellite Antennas Ready for Takeoff

New NSR Report Projects $7.9 Billion in Cumulative FPA Sales by 2027   Cambridge, MA – February 28, 2018 – NSR’s Flat Panel Satellite Antennas, 3rd Edition (FPA3) report, released today, forecasts cumulative FPA equipment sales to reach $7.9 billion by 2027. As the only multi-client report on the FPA market today, NSR’s FPA3 finds.

The Push & Pull of Satellite Servicing

Satellite servicing technologies have long been in development, only now coalescing into integrated systems ready to hit the market.  Just this year, life extension services have been contracted for three satellites, adding to two other deals already finalized. This process has been a combination of technology push from manufacturers and start-ups alongside indirect market pull.

Chinese Satellite Industry to Disrupt Markets Across Eurasia

NSR’s China Satcom Markets Report Forecasts Aggressive Chinese Exporting   Cambridge, MA – February 13, 2018 – NSR’s industry-first China Satcom Markets (CSM) report, released today, finds a Chinese satellite industry primed to take a larger share of the global satcom market through attractive one-stop-shop offerings, aggressive growth plans and enhanced exports.  For GEO-HTS satellites.

Will Consumer Broadband Take-Off in Emerging Markets?

Consumer Broadband has been one of the biggest success stories for the satellite industry. Millions of subscribers have signed-up in North America, which paradoxically faces one of the strongest competition from ground alternatives. With multiple actors now looking to replicate the model internationally, including areas with lower disposable incomes, will the growth story continue? With.

Are Smallsats Delivering?

Ever since Skybox Imaging and then Planet Labs hit the news headlines, smallsats have been lauded as the future of the space industry, portrayed in the mainstream media as enabling novel applications, making space accessible, and delivering a new paradigm. Perception within the industry has been more mixed, but commercial and government players alike broadly.