ViaSatellite: NSR Analyst Answers Key LEO Questions

At SATELLITE 2019, one of the hot topics will likely be the future of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite systems. But, many questions remain. With this potentially huge influx of capacity coming to market, which companies will be the buyers for this capacity?

SatelliteProMe: In-Orbit Satellite Services to bring in $4.5bn in cumulative revenues by 2028, forecasts NSR

NSR’s In-Orbit Servicing Markets, second edition report discusses the potential for the entire industry, with focus on opportunities in both GEO and non-GEO orbits. Northern Sky Research has released its In-Orbit Servicing Markets, second edition (IoSM2) report, which forecasts $4.5 billion in cumulative revenues from In-Orbit Satellite Services by 2028.