SpaceX-RAYing Starlink Developments

The Starlink constellation is currently made up of over 650 communication satellites orbiting Earth at an altitude of 550 kilometers. By satellite count, such partial deployment already makes SpaceX the world’s largest satellite operator of FSS frequency bands suitable for high-throughput connectivity. As more Starlink and OneWeb satellites are manufactured, deployed and other satellite operators.

NSR Report: $68B Opportunity for Top 5 Non-GEO HTS Constellation Players

Report Finds Each Constellation Closes its Business Case under Specific Conditions Cambridge, MA – NSR’s HTS Satellite Constellations, A Critical Assessment, 3rd Edition report finds a $68 Billion Revenue Potential for HTS Satellite Constellations over the next decade, with varying levels of business case viability.  Opportunity exists for SpaceX, OneWeb, mPower, Amazon, and Telesat to.

Advanced Television: Study: Satellite targets connected cars

A study from Northern Sky Research (NSR) says “Connected cars are one component of this new revenue growth, and with a huge addressable market, it’s no wonder satellite operators, ground equipment manufacturers and service providers are all keen to enter the fray and carve out a piece for themselves.