Via Satellite: Telcos Talk Satellite, LEO, and Where the Relationship is Headed

While telcos have long worked with satellite providers, the scale of potential deals is changing. Lluc Palerm-Serra, analyst for NSR, an Analysys Mason company, reports the size of the deals is growing significantly. Just three to five years ago, a 100-site deployment was “massive” for backhaul. Today, some deals involve thousands of sites. “In Mexico.

Finally, SpaceX Joining the Direct Satellite-to-Device Race

T-Mobile and SpaceX announced a technology partnership to develop Direct Satellite-to-Smartphone connectivity and offer ubiquitous coverage and network resiliency. This will be an innovative additional feature for the network, but how real is this market opportunity? What are the technology enablers/challenges? Will this cannibalize telco/satellite revenues? Who is ahead in this race? While this is.

Inferse: NSR Report: Commercialization of Space Driving nearly 570 Exabytes of Information – GlobeNewswire

NSR’s newly released Space Traffic Study, 2nd Edition report finds that commercialization of more segments of the space value-chain is driving a rapid increase in traffic volumes. Although markets such as Earth Observation or Space Tourism still only account for 5% of the cumulative data volumes between 2021 and 2031, cloud connectivity and increased investments to downlink data.

Connectivity Business: Satcom pricing due for a plunge, analyst says

Satellite communications capacity pricing has been declining gradually since Q1 2020, and some analysts think a pricing plunge is due. “[W]e’re seeing market conditions similar to the period 2015-2019,” Joseph Ibeh, analyst at Northern Sky Research (NSR), told Connectivity Business News. Capacity price declines during 2016-2018 ranged from 32%-57% across various applications and regions, according.