Is the SatCom Wholesale Model Nearing End of Life?

The satellite communications industry is undergoing a reorganization of business models in the face of maturing video broadcasting and the drum of disruption from mega constellation players such as Starlink. Historically, the industry modelled a typical oligopoly with a few dominant global and regional players utilizing critical orbital positions alongside solid barriers to entry and.

Should Satcom Start Thinking About 6G?

No, 5G is not the end of the road. In fact, 6G is closer than one might think with standardization efforts starting around 2027 and early deployments rolling out as soon as 2030. To put the timeline in context, this is half-way through the orbital life of a typical GEO satellite launched today! Undoubtedly, the.

Earth Observation Growth Engine: SAR

The Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery market has traditionally been limited to government and commercial programs with large and expensive satellites. However, new and emerging players are paving the way for operators to establish a foothold in the market with smaller and more nimble satellites and flexible delivery methods. SAR’s key capabilities were highlighted during.

Is The Satellite Industry Ready for Cyberwarfare?

Satellite cybersecurity is gaining more attention in the industry and among government officials, with raising concerns about a cyber warfare. The biggest space powers are taking the lead in satellite cybersecurity, while governments are publicly addressing how challenging it is to pinpoint security flaws, asking feedback and soliciting industry ideas to better defend satellites from.