Silicon Valley Space Week 2023

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Clash of Satellite Internet Giants in North America: HughesNet vs Starlink

In an increasingly connected world, a reliable satellite internet connection is becoming a necessity for those residing in remote or rural areas where traditional terrestrial broadband options are often limited. The North American (NAM) region has been at the forefront of satellite internet adoption with HughesNet and ViaSat driving growth for years. But the landscape.

5G IoT – a Breakthrough for Satellite/MNO Integration

Satellite IoT has for years been a niche market compared to the overall M2M and IoT market and something that hasn’t been too seriously considered by mobile network operators (MNOs) to date. Although there has been desire for “dual-mode” services that can connect to terrestrial networks and satellite networks, this has traditionally added great complexity,.

Launch Bottleneck: Who is Going to Orbit?

The launch bottleneck is not a new phenomenon for the satellite industry. However, the available and operational vehicles are few and very busy or experiencing failures, thus creating the shortage we know today, which is limiting access to space. Even giants struggle to launch. Indeed, in early August, Amazon had to change launch vehicle yet.

​​Government Space Spending Priorities – Earth vs Exploration​

Engaging with space is increasingly attractive for governments. It is a sector with huge potential benefits to nation states, however for new players and emerging space nations involvement is a risk. With the relatively high costs of developing industry, early ‘returns’ are key for on-going stakeholder engagement. Evaluating the potential for long-term investment, interested nation.