The impact of commercial space stations delays on space travel and tourism

The commercial space station market is seeing huge investments lately that raised quite a lot of interest in orbital space travel. Sierra Space recently raised USD290 million to support the development of its Dream Chaser vehicle and Orbital Reef space station, and Axiom Space has received a USD350 million investment to develop its own space.

How mega-constellations are impacting satellite operators’ financials

2023 has brought about a lot of change in the satellite communications industry, not least the widespread consolidation that has taken place over the course of the year. In May, we saw the closing of Viasat’s acquisition of Inmarsat; three months later came the announcement that Echostar and DISH would merge; and finally, in September,.

​​Earth Observation’s strategic shift: cracking the code of commercial markets​

The satellite-based commercial Earth Observation (EO) industry faces a crucial turning point, deeply entrenched in a historical reliance on government and military (Gov/Mil) contracts as its primary revenue source. This gravitational pull of Gov/Mil demand has prompted another commercial player to relocate its main offices to United States due to its inability to meet revenue.

New EO sensors: expanding the pie or stealing the slice?

The industry has witnessed a recent surge in investment in a new class of Earth Observation (EO) sensors such as thermal infrared (TIR), hyperspectral, radio frequency (RF) monitoring and greenhouse gases emissions monitoring. These recent investments demonstrate an excitement for new datasets, for new use cases, and different ways to address the current market. However,.