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Consumer and Enterprise Broadband via Satellite, 22nd Edition

PUBLISHED: September 2023

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NSR’s Consumer and Enterprise Broadband via Satellite, 22nd Edition report (CEBS22), formerly known as the VSAT and Broadband Satellite Markets (VBSM) report, stands as the industry’s longest-running assessment and analysis of the VSAT market, presenting a comprehensive view of two major satellite communication applications: Enterprise VSAT and Consumer Broadband.

The Changing Landscape:

The Consumer and Enterprise broadband segments are experiencing significant transformations, driven by evolving end-user demands, the infusion of innovative solutions, and a consolidating industry landscape. CEBS22 offers targeted insights and recommendations for industry stakeholders, enabling them to identify major growth areas and strategic imperatives across various use cases and regions.

Key Insights:

In this report, NSR analyzes key variables, including in-service units, capacity demand, capacity revenues, service revenues, equipment shipment, and equipment revenues. These insights are segmented by applications, frequency bands, and regions, providing a clearer understanding of the state of the market.

Key Questions Answered:
  1. How are opportunities evolving in consumer and enterprise broadband markets across different regions, applications, and frequency bands?
  2. What are the major growth drivers and challenges facing the industry?
  3. What should be the top strategies for sustainable growth, considering ongoing market forces?
  4. How is the industry dynamics changing with the ongoing GEO versus Non-GEO race? What is the long-term outlook for GEO players?
  5. What is the market capture of different players in the consumer broadband markets?
Who Should Purchase this Report:
  • Satellite Operators: Stay ahead of market trends and assess growth opportunities.
  • Internet Service Providers (Satellite & Terrestrial): Gain insights into the evolving broadband landscape.
  • Cloud Service Providers: Understand the impact of satellite broadband on cloud services.
  • Satcom Modem Manufacturers: Make informed decisions based on market analysis.
  • Satcom VSAT Antenna Manufacturers: Identify opportunities for antenna technology.
  • Investors & Financial Institutions: Access valuable data for investment decisions.
  • Large and Small Enterprises: Explore the potential of satellite broadband solutions.
NSR Difference:

NSR has over 20 years of thought leadership and expertise in the satellite broadband segment. CEBS22 offers detailed and traceable research and analysis, keeping readers ahead of the market curve. Our insights and recommendations are derived from rich internal datasets, industry stakeholder discussions, macro and microeconomic trends, and public information.

The report provides both high-level and high-resolution assessments to cater to the diverse strategic requirements of satellite broadband players, investors, and financial institutions. Trust NSR to deliver unparalleled insights into the Consumer and Enterprise broadband via Satellite landscape.

Unlock the Future of Satellite Broadband with CEBS22 – Your Key to Informed Decision-Making.

Covered in this Report:
  • NEW in this Edition – Starlink growth assessment and top strategies for sustained growth
  • 2 Verticals – Enterprise VSAT and Consumer Broadband
  • Forecasts for 5 Regions – North America (NAM), Latin America(LAM), Europe(EU), Middle East and Africa (MEA), and ASIA
  • Forecast by frequency bands – FSS (C, Ku, Ka), Geo HTS (C, Ku, Ka) and Non-Geo HTS
  • Forecast variables – In-service units / active subscribers, capacity demand, capacity revenues, service revenues, shipments, and customer premise equipment (CPE) revenues.
Report Segmentation:

The consumer and enterprise broadband market is segmented as follows:

By application or use cases
  • Enterprise VSAT (EV)
    • Retail / Hospitality
    • Banking
    • Social Inclusion – EV
    • Energy
    • Government/Military (Gov/Mil)
    • Others
  • Consumer Broadband (CB)
    • Direct-to-Premises (DTP)
    • WiFi Hotspots
    • Social Inclusion – CB
By frequency bands
  • Enterprise VSAT applications
    • FSS C-band
    • FSS Ku-band
    • FSS Ka-band
    • Geo HTS C-band
    • Geo HTS Ku-band
    • Geo HTS Ka-band
    • Non-Geo HTS
  • Consumer Broadband
    • FSS Ku-band
    • Geo HTS
    • Non-Geo HTS
By region
  • Both Enterprise VSAT and Consumer broadband
    • NAM
    • LAM
    • EU
    • MEA
    • ASIA
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Global Overview

  • Capacity demand and revenues
  • Fixed VSAT market trends by application
  • Major regional market trends

Enterprise VSAT market forecast & trends

  • Enterprise VSAT active sites forecast and trends
  • What is driving the unmatched capacity demand trend for gov/mil segment?
  • Trending attributes in the enterprise markets
  • Enterprise VSAT regional market trends
  • Top three strategies for sustained growth

Consumer broadband market forecast & trends

  • Consumer broadband subscribers and demand growth trends
  • Why is Starlink growing exponentially?
  • Delayed growth but overall, GEO outlook to remain positive. Why?
  • Market capture changing dynamics
  • Consumer broadband regional trends
  • Downstream revenue projections and trends
  • Top three strategies for sustained growth

List of Exhibits

Figure 1: Consumer & enterprise broadband service revenues, worldwide, 2022 and 2032

Figure 2: Cumulative Capacity Revenues by Application, worldwide, 2022–2032 (USD millions)

Figure 3: Global Capacity Demand by frequency band, worldwide, 2022–2032

Figure 4: Active sites by frequency, worldwide, 2022–2032

Figure 5: Capacity revenue by application, worldwide, 2022–2032

Figure 6: Enterprise VSAT in-service units and retail revenue by region, 2032

Figure 7: Consumer Broadband active subscribers, worldwide, 2022-2032

Figure 8: Consumer broadband Capacity demand, worldwide, 2022-2032

Figure 9: Starlink subscriber growth, worldwide

Figure 10: GEO players driving factors

Figure 11: Consumer broadband market share, worldwide, 2022

Figure 12: Consumer broadband subscribers and retail revenue by region, 2032

Figure 13: Service Revenues by access type, worldwide, 2022–2032

Figure 14: CPE Revenues by frequency band, worldwide, 2022–2032

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