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In-orbit satellite services, 7th edition

PUBLISHED: February 2024

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The report provides full forecasts and analysis of the market across 3 segments (In-Orbit Servicing, Space Situational Awareness, Active Debris Removal), for both commercial and government/military customers, and 2 orbit types (GEO, non-GEO). The state of this dynamic market is analyzed, and the ecosystem of suppliers and customers across all services currently offered and, in the planning, stages is detailed and assessed. The report evaluates global and regional revenue and addressable markets by service, and customer type to highlight the main opportunities.

Key questions are answered in this report? 

This complete analytics tool helps readers gain the most recent information and knowledge to answers key questions about this market: 

  • What will be the in-orbit services (IOS) market size in the next 10 years?  
  • What are the opportunities in the active debris removal market?  
  • What are the factors driving the IOS market in the next 10 years?  
  • What are the policy and regulatory challenges affecting the development of IOS applications? 
  • What are the technology challenges to overcome in this market? 

Who Should Purchase this Report: 

  • In-orbit services providers 
  • Space agencies 
  • Insurance brokers/providers 
  • Investors and financial institutions 
  • Government agencies  
  • Satellite operators 
  • Satellite manufacturers and integrators 
  • Launch service providers 
  • Launch vehicle manufacturers 
  • Launch brokers and integrators 
  • Sub-system and component manufacturers 
  • Ground systems manufacturers and service providers 
  • Regulatory agencies and policy makers 
  • Data analytics companies 

Anyone Seeking the Industry’s Most Comprehensive and Actionable Analysis of IoS, ADR & SSA Markets 

NSR Difference – What sets this report apart from our competition?  

NSR’s In-Orbit Services, 7th Edition market report leverages over 20 years of research, forecasting and analysis expertise. This report provides the readers with a global edge and thought leadership to stay ahead of the curve. NSR’s IoSM7 report continues to provide industry leading analysis to an expanding market critical to increasing or sustaining market segment opportunities. The report highlights and details shifting market trends, technology developments core to future growth of the market.  

Covered in this Report: 

  • Key recommendations for operators, launch providers, and in-orbit service providers 
  • Key news and deals 
  • Market status and growth drivers 
  • Technology and market readiness assessment 
  • Regulatory landscape 
  • Competitive landscape 
  • 7 vertical applications  
  • Life extension, robotics, relocation, ADR, de-orbiting, last mile delivery, space situational awareness 
  • Forecast for customer type – GEO/Non-GEO for commercial and  government and military  
  • Forecasts for regions – NAM, LAM, EU, MEA, Asia

Report Segmentation: 

  • Life extension 
  • GEO 
  • Commercial 
  • Gov/Mil 
  • Robotics 
  • GEO 
  • Commercial 
  • Gov/Mil 
  • Relocation 
  • GEO 
  • Commercial 
  • Gov/Mil
  • ADR 
  • Non-GEO 
  • Commercial 
  • Gov/Mil 
  • De-orbiting  
  • Non-GEO 
  • Commercial 
  • Gov/Mil 
  • Last mile delivery 
  • Non-GEO 
  • Commercial 
  • Gov/Mil 
  • Space situational awareness 
  • GEO/Non-GEO 
  • Commercial  
  • Gov/Mil

Companies included in this Report: 

AGI, Amazon, ArianeGroup, Astroscale, Atomos Space, Bluestaq, ClearSpace, Cognitive Space, D-Orbit, ESA, European Union, Exolaunch, Exotrail, FCC, GMV Optical Space, High Earth Orbit Robotics, IHI, Impulse Space, Kayhan Space, Kratos Defense & Security Solution, L3 Applied Defense Solutions, LeoLabs, Lockheed Martin, Lunasa, MagneStar, Mitsubishi Electric, Momentus Space, NASA, Northrop Grumman, NorthStar, OneWeb, Orbit Fab, Orbital Insight, Polaris Alpha, Privateer, Rhea Space Activity, SCOUT, SES, Slingshot Aerospace, SpaceNav, SpaceX, Spire, Starfish Space, Telespazio, Turion Space, UK Ministry of defense, Vision Engineering Solutions, Vyoma

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