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Optical Satellite Communications, 6th Edition

PUBLISHED: February 2024

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NSR’s Optical Satellite Communications, 6th Edition (OSC6), is the go-to report for exploring the dynamic field of space-based laser communication. Our report covers the Communications and Earth Observation market segments extensively, providing a detailed analysis of the key trends shaping the optical satellite communication (satcom) market. We also highlight the driving factors and technology constraints that influence this market’s development. The optical market remains equipment-centric, with lasercom terminal development and manufacturing playing a significant role in shaping market dynamics.

In this updated edition, NSR offers a comprehensive assessment and global revenue forecast for manufacturing of LCTs, breaking it down by link type (Space-Space (Inter-Satellite Links) and Space-Ground (Direct-to-Earth)), region, application(Space-Space (Inter-Satellite Links) and Space-Ground (Direct-to-Earth)), orbit, pricing of Laser Communication Terminals (LCTs) and Services Revenue Opportunity across the same applications. The report expands on Total Addressable Markets and Serviceable Addressable Markets to evaluate the potential influence of “dark horse” constellations with a focus on verticalization on market dynamics. We assess the demand and use of laser communication terminals (LCTs) across all segments to offer clarity on the market’s direction.

This report leverages NSR’s expertise in Satellite Manufacturing and Launch, Satellite Constellations, Government and Military Satellite Communications, Space Data Downlink, Space Data Traffic and Earth Observation markets.

Key questions are answered in this report? 

  • Which application is primarily driving the demand for space-based laser communication? 
  • What are the significant market trends influencing the growth of the Laser Communication Terminal (LCT) market? What are associated market opportunities and challenges? 
  • What is the projected size of the LCT market over the next decade and where is the growth expected to be concentrated? 
  • Who are the key players in the LCT market and what does the market landscape look like? 
  • Bottom Line: NSR will access the market opportunity during next decade for optical satellite equipment and corresponding service revenues. 

Who Should Purchase this Report: 

  • Satellite Communications Equipment Manufacturers 
  • EO and HTS Satellite Operators 
  • Data Downlink Service Providers: Relay Network and Ground Station Operators 
  • Financial Institutions and Investors 
  • Agencies Funding FSOC Research 
  • Opto-Electronic Systems Players 
  • System Integrators 
  • R&D Organizations

NSR Difference – What sets this report apart from our competition? 

Covered in this Report: 

  • NEW in this Edition - Snapshot of Competitive Landscape (Updated) 
  • NEW in this Edition - Services Forecast for EO 
  • Evaluates optical satellite communications drivers and restraints. 
  • Qualitative analysis across applications such as communications, Earth observation, and data relay
  • 10-year forecast for optical satellite communication equipment market. 

Report Segmentation: 

Forecast Variables: 

  • In-Service Units 
  • Equipment Revenues 
  • Service Revenues 

Market Segmentation: 

By Link Type: 

  • Space-Space (only for equipment) 
  • Space-Ground (only for equipment) 

By Application: 

  • Communication Constellations (only for equipment) 
  • Earth Observation 
  • Data Relay (only for equipment) 


  • GEO (only for equipment) 
  • Non-GEO (only for equipment) 


  • North America (NAM) 
  • Latin America (LAM) 
  • Europe 
  • Middle East & Africa (MEA) 
  • Asia 

Companies included in this Report: 

SpaceX, Spire Global, Space Development Agency (SDA), OneWeb, Telesat, Amazon, NASA, Mynaric, ESA, USAF, Airbus, L3 Harris, Blue Halo, General Dynamics, Bridgecomm, Space Micro, Space Compass, Cailabs, Contec, KSAT, Kepler Communications, Thales Alenia Space, Tesat-Spacecom, Skyloom, Honeywell Aerospace, CACI, WarpSpace, Addvalue iDRS, Leaf Space, Capella Space, JAXA, AstroScale, ICEYE, Satellogic, Blacksky Global, Planet, Astrogate Labs, X-Lumin, Synopta, Miratlas, SSC, Atlas Space Operations, RBC Signals, mBryonics, CNES, Xenesis, Hensoldt, Mosctkom, Astrolight, Infostellar, Sfera Technologies, Spaceit, Telespazio VEGA UK 

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