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Space Traffic Study

Space Traffic Study, 3rd Edition

PUBLISHED: October 2023

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Space traffic study, 3rd edition assesses the total volume of data transmitted to/from space, across four main segments.

The report also provides recommendations for cloud service providers, satellite operators and ground segment providers to benchmark current connectivity roadmaps and ensure future investments are aligned with demand.

It is based on several sources:

Key questions answered in this report:
  • How do satellite communications and earth observation data traffic volumes compare?
  • Are data volumes growing or shrinking compared to previous assessments?
  • What are the near-term challenges for increased data consumption?
  • Just how much data does “space tourism” need?
  • What are the trends with data pricing?
Who should purchase this report:
  • Strategy, planning, and business intelligence teams within ground segment players​
  • Cloud providers exploring the satellite and space sector.
  • End-users looking to benchmark their current connectivity roadmaps​
  • Investors looking to understand space data traffic volumes
NSR difference – what sets this report apart from our competition?

NSR, an Analysys Mason company, has undertaken research across the entire space and satellite ecosystem – satellite communications usage, earth observation, satellite launches, and much much more. Leveraging this broad research base over the past two decades, NSR is in the unique position to provide complete data usage trends across this range of applications and use cases over the coming decade. This report enables satellite operators, cloud providers and more to make future investment decisions on quantifiable trends and analysis with data that is built from the ground up – data that is not available anywhere else.

Covered in this report:
  • 9 use cases – satellite communications, in-orbit servicing and space situational awareness, satellite launches, earth observation, navigation, science and technology, situational awareness, crew and cargo, others
  • Global forecast
  • Wholesale Satellite communications data pricing per petabyte

Report segmentation:

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Table of Contents 

About this report  

Executive summary 

Worldwide trends: 

  • Global satellite and space traffic trends 
  • Satellite and space infrastructure trends 
  • Satellite and space applications trends 
  • Satellite communications trends 
  • Tourism and other markets trends 

 Pricing, constellations, and satellite communications: 

  • Satellite traffic pricing 
  • Satellite constellations impacts 
  • Satellite communications key segments [1] 
  • Satellite communications key segments [2] 
  • Earth observation overview 

 Additional considerations: 

  • Cloud considerations 
  • Ground infrastructure 
  • Satellite launch impact on traffic 


  • Definitions 
  • Comparison to previous editions 
  • Acronyms 

About the authors and Analysys Mason: 

  • About the authors 
  • Global leaders in TMT management consulting 
  • Our research services 

List of Exhibits 

Executive summary 

  • Figure 1: Exabytes of cumulative satellite traffic by segment, worldwide, 2022–2032 

Worldwide trends 

  • Figure 2: Satellite & space traffic share by application, worldwide, 2022–2032 
  • Figure 3: Satellite & space infrastructure traffic share by segment, worldwide, 2022–2032 
  • Figure 4: Satellite & space applications traffic by segment, worldwide, 2022–2032 
  • Figure 5: Satellite communications traffic, worldwide, 2022–2032 
  • Figure 6: Satellite & space tourism and other markets traffic, by segment, worldwide, 2022–2032 

Pricing, constellations, and satellite communications 

  • Figure 7: Wholesale satellite communications data cost, worldwide, 2022–2032 
  • Figure 8: Space data downlink pricing, worldwide, 2022–2032 
  • Figure 9: Satellite communications market traffic, by orbit, worldwide, 2022–2032 
  • Figure 10: Satellite communications application summary [1] 
  • Figure 11: Satellite communications application summary [2] 
  • Figure 12: Earth observation application summary  

Additional considerations 

  • Figure 13: Risk/reward considerations for satellite cloud computing 
  • Figure 14: Ground infrastructure opportunities and challenges 
  • Figure 15: Global satellite orders and launches, worldwide, 2022–2032 


  • Figure 16: Satellite & space traffic by report edition, worldwide, 2022–2032
  • Figure 17: Satellite & space infrastructure traffic by report edition, worldwide, 2022–2032 
  • Figure 18: Satellite & space applications traffic by report edition, worldwide, 2022–2032 
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