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September 1, 2022

Advanced Television: Report: Who benefits from T-Mobile, SpaceX deal?

Northern Sky Research (NSR) has cast its eye over a new scheme which brought together mega-satellite operator SpaceX along with cellular giant T-Mobile to deliver two-way connectivity between SpaceX and mobile users around the world. NSR, in a note to clients, said “this will be an innovative additional feature for the network, but also asks “how real.

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August 31, 2022

Via Satellite: Telcos Talk Satellite, LEO, and Where the Relationship is Headed

While telcos have long worked with satellite providers, the scale of potential deals is changing. Lluc Palerm-Serra, analyst for NSR, an Analysys Mason company, reports the size of the deals is growing significantly. Just three to five years ago, a 100-site deployment was “massive” for backhaul. Today, some deals involve thousands of sites. “In Mexico.

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August 22, 2022

Inferse: NSR Report: Commercialization of Space Driving nearly 570 Exabytes of Information – GlobeNewswire

NSR’s newly released Space Traffic Study, 2nd Edition report finds that commercialization of more segments of the space value-chain is driving a rapid increase in traffic volumes. Although markets such as Earth Observation or Space Tourism still only account for 5% of the cumulative data volumes between 2021 and 2031, cloud connectivity and increased investments to downlink data.

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Connectivity Business: Satcom pricing due for a plunge, analyst says

Satellite communications capacity pricing has been declining gradually since Q1 2020, and some analysts think a pricing plunge is due. “[W]e’re seeing market conditions similar to the period 2015-2019,” Joseph Ibeh, analyst at Northern Sky Research (NSR), told Connectivity Business News. Capacity price declines during 2016-2018 ranged from 32%-57% across various applications and regions, according.

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