Advanced Television: Report tips IFC-3 for success

These days, for any aircraft-based In-Flight Connectivity (IFC) broadband  system to be considered a success, the aircraft need to start flying again and carrying passengers. A report from Northern Sky Research (NSR) sums up the problem perfectly, saying: “While most of the aviation industry is treading water in the ongoing travel deterrence scenario…

Which Direction for IFC Free Service?

According to NSR’s Aeronautical Satcom Markets, 8th Edition report, 43% of the total number of IFC offering airlines cumulating to 31% of all aircraft now use an Airline-directed business model.

Advanced Television: Time for aircraft IFC to consolidate

“The Aero Satcom market was considered as one of the major opportunity verticals for satellite operators and service providers for scaling topline and improving profitability. But in the last 3-4 months, the Covid-19 global health crisis has changed everything, at least for the next 18 to 24 months…

Trade Arabia: Aero IFC market facing slump due to Covid-19

“Right now, is an incredibly challenging time for all satellite mobility markets – and Aeronautical IFC has the most significant near-term headwinds. Yet, NSR is largely optimistic on the longer-term uptake of Aero IFC services – passengers require connectivity now more than ever.”