Faster Flow for Satellite Big Data Pipes

The global satellite big data industry has come a long way during the latest wave in the emerging space industry.  More than 180 EO companies have been founded over the last 20 years, with a majority of them being downstream software and platform providers. Close to $700 million has been invested in this analytics segment.

GBAFReview: In-Orbit Satellite Servicing and Space Situational Awareness Represent a $6.2 Billion Opportunity

The Global Banking and Finance Review covers NSR’s In-Orbit Servicing & Space Situational Awareness Markets, (4th Ed.) report. “The In-Orbit Servicing & Space Situational Awareness Market continues to progress regardless of COVID-19, as many launches are scheduled for early 2021,” states NSR. Life Extension will overshadow all other applications, generating 57% of total revenues over.