Protecting Sovereignty with SSA

From the booming satellite launch market to higher frequency of human activities, the space domain has never been of more important to all space-faring nations. NSR forecasts over 24,000 satellites are expected to launch over the next decade, creating a never seen before problem for operators. This boost in activity has led to a new.

SatMagazine: The Forrester Report: Launch sites ‘a-Gogo’

As NSR stated, “With declining capacity prices, evolving manufacturing capabilities, accelerating development of technology, and innovative launch and service options, all in an environment of competitive dynamics, business case viability remains a challenge for all industry stakeholders. Innovative trends are emerging, manufacturers are achieving greater efficiencies and mission/payload flexibility, operators are choosing smaller satellites, and.

The Changing Satellite Supply Chain

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a slowdown of most operational activities along the satellite manufacturing value chain. In the early pandemic days, manufacturing facilities had to put their activities on hold, and launches were delayed due to the interdependence of actors in the supply chain from both sides and the restraints put on personnel movement. This.

To Share or Not to Share… That is the SmallSat Launch Question

In the launch industry, heavy launch vehicles have long dominated the landscape. Initially, this was driven by necessity, as satellites were very large, heavy, and required the most lift possible. However, with the trends towards smaller satellites driven by miniaturization of payloads, delegation of onboard capability across fleets and networks, and new constellations announced almost.

Boston Globe: A big cash boost for Boston space startup Accion

Northern Sky Research, a Boston aerospace consulting firm, called the deal “a pretty firm vote of confidence” in Accion’s technology. NSR said up to 24,000 satellites are expected to be launched over the next decade. While many will be large and heavy, thousands of others will be much smaller, as more companies launch “constellations” of multiple.