What’s Next for Narrowband Land Mobile?

Overall, enterprise land mobile has been seeing steady growth; however, for some time there hasn’t been any major changes to the dynamic. Instead, some of the more notable growth opportunities come from the consumer market, and potentially from connected vehicles as well. With other markets experiencing higher growth opportunities due to higher bandwidth data usage,.

Advanced Television: Study: 5G will transform satellite communications

Northern Sky Research (NSR), in its latest study, says that the adoption of 5G will be transformational for many aspects of the Satcom ecosystem: from stimulating demand in many segments, seamlessly integrating Satcoms in the mainstream Telco ecosystem or becoming a tool for optimising Satellite Network design and operations.

SatNews: NSR Notes: A Land Mobile SATCOM Duel To Behold

The land mobile SATCOM market has traditionally been comprised of handheld phones; however, an increasing number of new devices have appeared on the market. Fixed voice, followed by push-to-talk, satellite hotspots, and then consumer handheld devices took hold.