ShipInsight: Digitalisation not a one size for all solution says IEC

NSR’s report on the maritime satellite market, suggests that equipment manufacturers, fishing, and leisure markets can expect $42Bn in retail revenue between 2018 and 2028 as a direct result of satellite communications and connectivity technologies with VSAT-enabled and digitalised vessels growing from 20,000 in 2018 to over 75,000 by 2028.

SatelliteProMe: A Sea Change in Connectivity

The maritime satcom connectivity market has never looked more promising, thanks to the “right combination of price, end user requirements and connectivity demand”. NSR’s ‘Maritime Satcom Markets 7th Edition’ report, published last month, also says that VSAT-enabled maritime vessels are estimated to grow in number…

A 1st-Order Solution: More Broadband Maritime Vessels

The Maritime Satellite Communications market is at a crossroad; more capacity is available in all frequencies and orbits thanks to Iridium’s recently launched Certus plans, VSAT terminals are getting lighter and cheaper, and end-users continue to find value in some flavor of higher throughput connectivity.