$17 Billion HTS Capacity Market to Eclipse $2 Billion FSS Decline

New NSR Study sees Highly Elastic GEO-HTS Demand Growth, with FSS Decline Faster than Expected    Cambridge, MA – June 27, 2017 –  The satellite industry is at the cusp of rapidly expanding its total addressable market and playing a much more critical role in the greater telecom ecosystem, with changes brought about by the.

The How and What of Big Data via Satellite

As anyone attending a “mobility” satellite-communications centric conference can attest (such as the recent Global Connected Aircraft Conference in DC), IoT is THE big buzz-word. It permeates conversations, presentations, and marketing materials.  And, for good reason! There are tremendous opportunities within the transportation sector for satellite players to offer services and connectivity to enable these.

Non-GEO Game Plans and Financial Play

The satcom market is rife with innovative ideas and constellations targeting backhaul, mobility, consumer broadband and government verticals. In response to this proliferation of business models, traditional satellite operators are getting involved in various capacities to tap into the demand landscape, which can be accessed through LEO or MEO fleets. These GEO-MEO-LEO tie-ups occur while.