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International Space University and Northern Sky Research, LLC. sign a Cooperation Agreement

Strasbourg, France: For many years the International Space University (ISU) and Northern Sky Research, LLC. (NSR) have a close working relationship. During this time several ISU alumni have been recruited by NSR, where ISU alumnus & lecturer Claude Rousseau (SSP99) is a consultant.

In recent years, the ISU-NSR cooperation has been extended with NSR offering internships to MSS participants, which not only have provided ISU students with a great opportunity for real world experience with one of the top space and satellite industry consultancies; it has also assisted those interns to transition into full time Analysts upon graduation from ISU.

The ISU-NSR relationship has now been strengthened by a formal agreement, which provides for closer interaction in fields like recruitment, internships and lecturing by NSR specialists.

As NSR President Christopher Baugh stated:

‘’It is vital for NSR Analysts to understand both the technical aspects of space operations, as well as the business-related issues. This requires our Analysts to have a strong interdisciplinary background in the areas of space and satellite, and ISU prepares its students with an unequivocal education that fits this need. A majority of the NSR Analyst team are alumni from the ISU programs”.

ISU President added:

“Many of our young graduates have the right skillset as business analyst, thanks to the interdisciplinary education they received in ISU. Having professionals of NSR lecturing on topics such as space consulting in ISU is therefore an asset, as the students are getting familiar with the specific requirements of this interesting profession”.

The International Space University, founded in 1987 in Massachusetts, US and now headquartered in Strasbourg, France, is the world’s premier international space education institution. It is supported by major space agencies and aerospace organizations from around
the world. The graduate level programs offered by ISU are dedicated to promoting international, interdisciplinary and intercultural cooperation in space activities. ISU offers the Master of Science in Space Studies program at its Central Campus in Strasbourg. Since the summer of 1988, ISU also conducts the highly acclaimed two-month Space Studies Program at different host institutions in locations spanning the globe. ISU programs are delivered by over 100 ISU faculty members in concert with invited industry and agency experts from institutions around the world. Since its founding, 25 years ago, more than 4200 students from over 100 countries graduated from ISU. www.isunet.edu 

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