HAPs and Mishaps

Some of the best characteristics form airborne and satellite systems can be implemented into HAPs to provide a range of apps, but mishaps remain a challenge that operators and manufacturers need to overcome. Google Loon, Worldview Enterprises, and Raven Aerostar are the three most prominent names in the High-Altitude Balloons market, and they have demonstrated.

Pumping the Brakes on the Connected Car

The connected car is one of the most talked about opportunities for satellite-based flat panel antennas, yet it remains elusive and still many years away from being realized. With millions of vehicles entering the market every year, the successful deployment of the connected car via satellite could be very lucrative for FPA manufacturers. However, NSR.

A Tale of Two Cities: Beijing vs. Washington’s Space Policy

Space is both a frontier to conquer and an arena where superpowers collide. The space economy has commercial implications that boost a country’s global standing as well as military interests that provide key strategic advantages. China has entered or has ushered in a new space race, pitting itself against the United States. How are the.