Satellite refueling, life extension and the future of Small Sats – PodCast

KRATOS Podcast with Carolyn Belle, Senior Analyst at Northern Sky Research (NSR) As we learned from our podcasts at the Small Satellite Conference in Utah this August, the small sat industry is simultaneously growing in so many directions…from new streamlined manufacturing techniques, to more launch options, a plethora of emerging applications and, of course the.

Would GEO operators miss SSL?

News that SSL could abandon GEO communications satellite manufacturing sent ripples across the industry, helping to crystallise a trend that could have even wider implications for the market. NSR, Research Director, Claude Rousseau quoted in Jason Rainbow’s article (Group Editor-in-Chief at Finance Information Group). According to NSR Research Director Claude Rousseau, while it would be.

NSR’s Key Assessments of Global Satellite Capacity Supply and Demand

NSR’s Global Assessment of Satellite Capacity Supply & Demand, 15th Edition (GSCSD15),  is the longest running and most detailed source for satellite capacity analysis worldwide. Building on more than 18 years of regular NSR reporting and in-depth SATCOM data, Global Assessment of Satellite Capacity Supply & Demand, 15th Edition (GSCSD15), provides key assessments of applications, orbits, frequency.

Milking the “Cow” or Shooting for the “Stars”

In these times of declining revenues and uncertainty, satellite operators are very cautions when choosing their future strategy and committing to large CAPEX investments (i.e. reduced number of GEO Satcom orders). With the current pivot towards new revenue drivers and the emergence of new architectures, technologies and business models, operators are in front of one.