It’s Official, WGS 12 is on its way

Despite initial plans, the U.S Wideband Global Satcom constellation (WGS) is growing again. Last month, the 2023 defense bill added $442 million for a new, wideband, military communications satellite. While it seemed likely, though unconfirmed, that a new satellite addition was on its way, it is now finally official. The US Space Force is looking.

Polar Militarization a SATCOM Opportunity?

Conversations in 2019 on the U.S. position in the Arctic noted their inability to defend national interests compared to Russian forces within the region. SATCOM for government and military within the Arctic region increased based on these conversations, generating a noticeable CAGR. Non-GEO HTS is a highly attractive option to government and military interests, as.

Gov/Mil: Optical Satcom Ignitor or Propellant?

Government and military customers have been at the epicentre of demand for optical satellite communications as it transitions from nascent and equipment-centric to a robust emerging ecosystem. Organizations such as SDA, DARPA have been key facilitators for this move through multiple contracts for their planned Tranche 0, Tranche 1 and Blackjack constellations, and research programs.