EO SAR: Trick or Treat?

It’s that time of year again. Autumn leaves, and children in costume, candy and ghosts around every corner. In our business, many days feel like Halloween, in a way. Companies emerge from stealth mode, try on different business cases, and venture forth seeking market validation. Market trends come and go, but the most popular, the.

Earth Observation: Non-Imagery Growing Fast

Naturally, given their vantage point, satellites stand as one of the key enabling technologies to assist in these efforts, and it’s not just traditional imagery that is called upon to help assess the damage.

Satnews: NSR’s Latest EO Report Just Published

[NSR] said that currently there are strong, competing forces in the EO industry with technology pushing for volume and variety of data imagery. However, as each customer is different, challenges of scale exist. Traditional, usually government-based, contracts and funding for the provision of high and very high-resolution imagery dominate the market.