5G and the Future of Capacity Leasing

When considering 5G, one might inadvertently focus on user-oriented characteristics such as latency or throughput.  However, the reality is that one area where 5G will be more disruptive is on the backend of networks

Capacity: Satellite revenues ‘will take three years to recover’ says NSR

In the article “Satellite revenues ‘will take three years to recover’ says NSR”, Analysis company Northern Sky Research (NSR) says that the fall is the result of the Covid-19 pandemic, “and the recovery won’t be immediate”. But there will be a recovery, say NSR. “The underlying opportunity continues to be exceptional with revenues forecasted to.

Satcom Reality Check

The satcom industry is going through turbulent times. A wave of high-level bankruptcies, layoffs, cost-cutting measures and investment deferrals have rattled the industry. COVID obviously places significant pressure in an already challenged ecosystem, hitting key areas of Satcom growth like Mobility. But putting aside the panic around COVID for a moment, it is clear the business fundamentals for Satcom remain very solid. The actors that play their cards well will be able to capture double-digit growth once we reach the “new normal”.