GEO Life Extension: A Fit for Government?

Currently, there is much debate surrounding the viability of In-Orbit Servicing applications in the space industry. Despite some recent setbacks and perception of uncertainty surrounding upcoming IOS Services, GEO satellite life extension is garnering most interest out of all IOS offerings, and the demand is expected to increase over time. With government and military sector.

Salvaging Future Intelsat 29e’s

The “Total loss” of a satellite like Intelsat 29e, just 3 years into its 15-year life, has 2 significant implications: the sunk cost of the satellite, in addition to over 12 years of potential revenues and 6,552 kg of uncooperative debris roaming uncontrolled in geostationary orbit.

SatNews: NSR Publishes Their In-Orbit Servicing Markets, 2nd Edition

While growth is anticipated across all applications in all orbits, GEO satellite life extension will yield the largest share of revenues. As more LEO constellations start to launch, NGEO players represent an emerging target market, with de-orbiting services expected to dominate this segment. NSR Publishes Their In-Orbit Servicing Markets, 2nd Edition

SatelliteProMe: In-Orbit Satellite Services to bring in $4.5bn in cumulative revenues by 2028, forecasts NSR

NSR’s In-Orbit Servicing Markets, second edition report discusses the potential for the entire industry, with focus on opportunities in both GEO and non-GEO orbits. Northern Sky Research has released its In-Orbit Servicing Markets, second edition (IoSM2) report, which forecasts $4.5 billion in cumulative revenues from In-Orbit Satellite Services by 2028.