BEA: Updated and Revised Estimates of the U.S Space Economy, 2012-2019

The two other dominant industries in the space economy, manufacturing and government, were consistent positive contributors to real gross output and real GDP growth over most of the period. The fast growth in real gross output and real GDP for manufacturing, driven by gains in satellite and GPS/PNT equipment manufacturing, aligns with private-industry reports of.

Via Satellite: Bandwidth Pricing Flattens the Curve to Meet Faster Falls

One irreversible and accelerating trend is operators gravitating towards increasing levels and layers of managed services, now also with cloud tie-ins, adds NSR. “Operators are extending their roles in network infrastructure, management, and provisioning. So, outside broadcast, satellite bandwidth pricing is shifting away from megahertz and megabits per second denominations, and moving toward custom service.

Via Satellite: Analyzing Short to Long-Term Trends in Satellite Capacity

In its Satellite Capacity Pricing Index report (SCPI7) NSR deep-dives into major aspects modulating bandwidth pricing per application, frequency band and region. Let us look into key pricing trends for the short, medium and long term. While applications and frequency bands exhibit distinct pricing trends per region, we can identify general patterns…

The End of Linear TV Satellite Distribution, As We Know It?

Authors: Christopher Baugh | Carlos Placido (independent adviser) Video distribution via satellite has a platform lifecycle growth problem. As OTT competes for viewers with linear TV, content fragmentation pushes broadcasters to re-assess the economics of satellite distribution in comparison with terrestrial and cloud platforms. The principle of video neighborhoods’ network effects is thus challenged. Is.

Advanced Television: “Report: Satellite capacity costs stabilising”

Northern Sky Research (NSR) in its latest analysis of capacity pricing, says that several markets are approaching price stabilisation across regions – if only temporarily. [NSR explained] that the industry’s Mobility applications (namely maritime and aero) that were the “star” performers driving pre-pandemic revenue growth for operators became the ones most adversely impacted by the pandemic.