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The Bottom Line

Author: Carolyn Belle (X)

  • Satellite servicing technologies have long been in development, only now coalescing into integrated systems ready to hit the market.  Just this year, life extension services have been contracted for three satellites, adding to two other deals already finalized. This process has been a combination of technology push from manufacturers and start-ups alongside indirect market pull as operators constantly seek ways to advance their bottom line. Given this dual push-pull dynamic in an…

  • Are Smallsats Delivering?

    Feb 05th, 2018 by Carolyn Belle   More from this Analyst | Profile

    Ever since Skybox Imaging and then Planet Labs hit the news headlines, smallsats have been lauded as the future of the space industry, portrayed in the mainstream media as enabling novel applications, making space accessible, and delivering a new paradigm. Perception within the industry has been more mixed, but commercial and government players alike broadly anticipated a net-positive impact from smallsats. A little over 5 years into the smallsat hype, we must ask: is the smallsat market…

  • Meaningful Smallsat M&As

    Jan 16th, 2018 by Carolyn Belle   More from this Analyst | Profile

    The smallsat manufacturing and components market has developed somewhat haphazardly – a combination of post-university projects, commercial start-ups, and established companies growing into the smallsat business – producing a multitude of players in an increasingly competitive market. M&A is the natural consequence for this young market as it matures and companies seek to consolidate market share. Recent deals provide an understanding of what players are hoping to accomplish by aligning…