M2M/IoT via Satellite: Low Bandwidth, Big Growth Opportunities

New NSR Report Projects Satellite M2M/IoT Accelerating to $2.9 Billion in 2026 Revenue   Cambridge, MA – September 26, 2017 – NSR’S Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) via Satellite, 8th Edition (M2M8) report, releasing tomorrow, finds the global satellite M2M and IoT market reaching over $2.9 billion in annual retail revenues.

Planet’s Dove: Agile or Fragile?

The rise of Space 2.0 is embodied by the large-scale use of nanosatellite constellations, packaged in an agile aerospace model to challenge the traditional practice of developing large satellites. At the heart of this model lays the principle of learning and developing satellites, “On-The-Job”.  With Planet recently launching 48 Doves on the Soyuz rocket, the.

A European Defence System in Space

Redirected to subject matter Research Director – original author no longer with NSR The political landscape surrounding the European Union and ever-closer militarization amongst its Member States is a complex and divisive topic. However, public opinion has shifted more favorably towards the idea of sharing some of the burden, especially for those countries that may.

Emerging Space: Is Perception Reality?

Viewed through the 2017 press reel, the emerging space market is vibrant, novel, and changing the face of the space industry. Indeed, hot on the heels of SoftBank’s $1.2B investment in OneWeb in December 2016, Planet’s acquisition of Terra Bella, Thuraya and Iridium’s partnerships with smallsat constellation operators, SES’s contract for an O3b expansion, and.

Pricing the Satellite Markets Part II

Satellite business models have traditionally relied on incumbent technology and DTH demand. The advent of satellite broadband demand, rush for acquiring market share in aero and backhaul verticals and instances of rapid price deterioration of satellite capacity – indicate a shift in these business models. Today’s growth model signifies a fluidity between the lease and.