Diverging Requirements for M2M/IoT Satcom

The M2M/IoT via satellite market has traditionally been one of low data rates, providing M2M end users with tremendous value from small data packets for the purposes of location tracking, temperature monitoring and myriad other applications. Traditionally most M2M usage has consumed very miniscule amounts of data, compared to nearly all other kinds of applications,.

Satellite-Based Earth Observation Markets Continue to Soar

Latest NSR Report Finds Cumulative Revenue of $52 Billion by 2026 in Satellite EO Markets   Cambridge, MA – October 24, 2017 – NSR’s Satellite-Based Earth Observation (EO), 9th Edition report, releasing tomorrow, projects that Data, Value-added Services, Information Products, and Big Data Analytics from satellite-based EO will represent a $52 billion opportunity over the.

Scratching Our Heads over IoT-Dedicated Smallsats

The satellite-based M2M market is a comparatively small percentage of the overall market for M2M services.  However, with tens of billions of M2M devices expected to be brought into existence over the coming decade, the overall number of satellite-based M2M devices has potential to be significant. As NSR examines in its M2M and IoT via.

Asia & the Age of High Throughput PrideSats

Redirected to subject matter Research Director – original author no longer with NSR The Asian satellite telecomm market has for some time been relatively fragmented. Several countries with comparatively small populations, or comparatively small economies, or both, have launched their own satellites, with these programs having varying levels of commercial motivation. However, due to spectrum.

Threats at Sea: From Pirates to Hackers

The industry has turned its focus on cybersecurity challenges facing the maritime satellite communications sector in recent months.  It will also be a central topic for an upcoming NSR presentation at DigitalShip’s Maritime Cyber Resilience Forum in Hamburg. The increasing digitalization and connectivity available and expected to be in the industry over the next ten.